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Game Description

Bloxorz is a puzzle/skill game featuring a block shaped character that the player tilts to maneuver onto a goal tile to complete each level.

The block begins on a platform and must roll, flip, and balance across various surfaces and deadly holes to reach the end goal. The game features 33 puzzle stages in total.

Bloxorz gameplay shows a block character being tilted on a platform surrounded by cliffs and steps, with players pressing arrow keys controlling its movement.

🕹 How to Play Bloxorz


Use the Arrow Keys to tilt the block in 4 directions:

⬆️ Tilt block upward
⬇️ Tilt block downward ⬅️: Tilt block left ➡️: Tilt block right

Tap arrows gently to keep block balanced as it rolls and flips.


Navigate block to goal tile by:

  • 🪜 Tilting over steps & bridges
  • 🎡 Rolling across narrow paths
  • ↪️ Flipping between floating platforms

Avoid falling into water or gaps!

Game Rules

  • ❌ Don’t let block fall off level edges
  • ✅ Tilt and pivot block carefully to proceed
  • ⏰ Clear stage under par time to earn stars

💡 Tips & Tricks Bloxorz

  • Take it slow – don’t rush tilting!
  • Plan moves first, note dangerous edges
  • Use bridges and blocks to land on
  • Retry stage after falling to learn layout

Let me know if you need any other Bloxorz tips!